Square bar

What is a steel square bar and where is it used?

Steel square bar is used in all types structures, industrial process and metal-works to manufacture items as: gates, roof structures, framing and others.
Baltmet offers steel bar square products in steel grade S235 and S335 available in all different sizes. (other steel grades available upon request)
We stock more than 200 tons of steel square bar at all times.

Hot rolled steel square bar

We offer hot rolled steel square bars available in both standard and custom sizes.
The most standard industrial purposes are:
  • Roof structures
  • Wall construction
  • Machine manufacturing
  • Oil,gas industry
  • and other structures
We offer the following sizes of steel square bars
Size (mm x mm): 10×10 – 20×20
Steel grade : S235 and S335
Standard length (mm): 6000 or 12000
Cutting to any desired length and width is available upon request.

For more in-depth technical information and purchasing terms contact us here.